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Tula Willow

Woodcut & Etching tattooing

Tula has been tattooing for 2 years. Moving to Bristol after working through her apprenticeship in Nottingham.

Tula's unique woodcut & etching based designs are heavily influenced by medieval imagery and old paintings. Bold lines with small, ornate & intricate details.

If you would like to discuss your ideas and make a booking with Tula, please email her at:


  • Instagram - White Circle
Woodcut style tattoo of a skeleton
Etching style tattoo of a dog
Small woodcut mushroom tattoo
Line work tattoo of a skull on a mans ribs
Tattoo of a skeleton playing the guitar
Woodcut tattoo of a victorian woman in a frame
Demon tattoo on arm in an etching style
Etching tattoo on a forearm in black ink
Medieval knight tattoo with a skull face on an arm
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