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Toni Moore

Realism tattoos in black & grey and colour.

Toni Moore is the owner of Forever Bound and has been tattooing since 2007. Her career started in a walk-in style flash studio in Devon. It was a great experience for tattooing every style of design.


"Since then I have worked in several studios throughout the country and conventions in Europe. Gaining loads of experience and working alongside some of the best Tattoo Artists in the industry."

Toni's favourite area of tattooing is stylised realism, in both black & grey and colour. Skulls, flowers, figures and animals are her favourite subject matter.


She loves to add intricate details with heavy shadowing and contrasting colours. Working on large scale pieces, that work with the organic shape & flow of the body.


Every tattoo Toni creates is custom and she is always happy to talk through the design ideas you have. If you would like to book a tattoo appointment or an initial consultation please email her:

Detailed, colour, realism, tattoo sleeve of flowres.
black and grey realism tattoo of skulls with letting on the back of a thigh and bum
colour realism tattoo of a leopard
black and grey portrait tattoo of a tiger
Colour portrait tattoo of Tom Arya from Slayer, on a leg
black and grey back piece tattoo of an octopus and ship
black and grey tattoo of realism flowres
black and grey film portrait on leg
colour sleeve tattoo of 1980s cartoon characters
Black and grey portrait tattoos on leg
realism tattoo on womans chest
black and grey flower tattoo on arm
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