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It's really important to take good care of your new tattoo whilst it is healing.

The condition of everyone's skin is slightly different and each style of tattooing effects the skin in different ways, but there are a few fundamental steps that you will want to follow to ensure your tattoo heals in the best possible way.

Below is a TAKING CARE OF YOUR NEW TATTOO step by step guide

followed by some important tattoo aftercare advise.

Black and white photo of a person getting an old school tiger tattooed on their stomach

- Keep your dressing on between 2-6 hours. If you have a Second Skin dressing, this can be kept on for 12-24 hours.

Your Tattoo Artist will advise you on what is best for the tattoo you have.

- When you are ready to remove the dressing, ensure your hands are clean (washed with soap and warm water) you have a natural soap to use on your new tattoo, a clean towel/kitchen roll and some fresh clingfilm.

- Wash your new tattoo with warm, soapy, water. Using your hand to gently remove the build up of

excess ink and plasma which will be sitting on the surface of the skin.

- Pat dry with your clean towel/kitchen roll and then add a very small layer of your chosen Aftercare cream. We highly recommend Yayo Prime Tattoo Butter.

Toni has been using this product during the tattoo process for the past few years and thinks it also works great for the healing process. Small and larger pots are available to buy from reception in our studio.

- Re wrap your tattoo for the first 1-2 nights, depending on placement. This protects the tattoo from dirt and dust whilst you are sleeping, and to stop your bedding or clothing from sticking to it.

- Reapply your tattoo butter 3-4 times a day, for 7-10 days, until your new tattoo is fully healed.


Black and grey portrait tattoo

During this time it is advisable not to soak your healing tattoo in water. No bathing, swimming, hot tubs or saunas. Showering is fine as it is crucial to keep your new tattoo clean.

Wear loose clothing and do not allow anything to rub against the skin.

It's important not to pick or scratch the tattoo. This can remove healing skin before it is ready and disturb the ink between the Epidermis and Dermis layers of skin, resulting in a patchy healed tattoo.

Avoid sun exposure for 6-8 weeks. Remember the top layers of skin have been damaged during the tattoo process, so they need appropriate time to heal and return to normal beofre being exposed to direct sun light.

 Always apply a good quality, high factor SPF sun screen after this time, to avoid premature aging to the tattoo and skin.

Please feel free to call the studio if you have any further questions  
0117 970 6126

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