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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

The Forever Bound Team are passionate and dedicated in working with you to create the best possible design that works with your ideas and fits your body.

Any size and in any style, you will receive the highest level of service and receive the best quality tattoo.

Check out our Tattoo Artists to see whose style will appeals to your designs the most and contact them directly.

Photo of a torso covered in traditional tattoos

Portfolios & Profiles

Colour realism tattoo of a leopard on a leg

T o n i   M o o r e

Ornate black pattern tattoo on forearm

Heather Christie

Traditional ship tattoo on arm.

Lloyd P

Bold, bright colour tattoo of a tudor rose on a leg

Cesar De Cesaro

Fine line mandala tattoo on leg.
Old school colour eagle tattoo


Black and grey realism tattoo of ocra whales


Etching style tattoo of a skull cowboy playing the guitar on a foreamr in black ink

Tula Willow

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