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Heather Christie

Ornamental Tattooing

Heather describes her style as ornamental, with a particular focus on Mehndi and dot work patterns. This relatively new style takes certain elements of traditional tattooing, such as the bold lines and simplified edges, and combines it with a cultural twist by incorporating imagery such as lotuses, mandalas, peonies, etc.

For more info on tattoos & bookings, please email Heather:

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matching ornimental tattoos on back of lower legs
large mehndi tattoo on womans back
ornimental black ankle cuff tattoo
Geometric mandala tattoo on forearm
Black ornimental tattoo on forearm
mehndi style back piece tattoo
black ornate line work tattoo on woamns sternum
Mehndi tattoo on forearm
Black mehndi style finger tattoos
Half sleeve tattoo of ornimental pattern work
geometric line work tattoo on ribs and stomach
matching geometric line work tattoos on calfs
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