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After nearly a decade working within the industry, Forever Bound Tattoo Studio was founded by Tattoo Artist Toni Moore in 2014. Situated in the beautiful and green city of Bristol, the idea was to make a relaxed and creative space, where both Tattoo Artist and clients could passionately work together on one off, custom tattoos.

Since 2014,  the tattoo studio has grown from strength to strength and is now celebrating 10 years of business.
Starting as a small private studio with only one full time Tattoo Artist, Forever Bound is now home to 7 talented, Resident Tattoo Artists, whom cover all styles of work.

Each Artist at the studio specialises in their own unique style of work. From full colour, realism tattoos, black and grey, portraits, American traditional, dot work, geometric, etching, ornamental and fine line tattoos.
An online portfolio for every Artist can be found on the TATTOO ARTISTS page, along with booking details.

Not only are we passionate about our craft, your experience and the final tattoo, we are extremely vigulant about the safety and hygiene of the studio. A part of the industry that many people over look, due to a lack in knowledge but that is hughly important for both clients and artists.

Our private cleaning room is a fundamental part of the studio. This is where single use supplies are kept, medical grade cleaning solutions are made and our ultrasonic, water distiller and autoclave operate in accordance with The Public Health and Safety legislation.

We are here to help with any enquiries you may have.
If you are looking to have your first tattoo and would like to know how the entire process of booking and designing works, or you are looking to add to an expanding collection of work, please feel free to call the studio, email an artist directly or pop in for a chat at any time. One of our friendly Artists will advise you with as much information as necessary to match you to the best tattooist for the job.

We can't wait to tattoo you!!


Photo of the shop front of Forever Bound
reception in Forever Bound tattoo studio
black and grey portrait tattoos covering a mans legs
Man getting tattooed with traditional style tattoos
fine line mandala tattoo
Hygiene and cleaning room of the tattoo studio
old school dragon tattoo on head
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