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Bold, traditional tattooer

Joshua joined Forever Bound as an apprentice in the summer of 2020. By the end of 2022 he finished his apprenticeship due to his hard work and passion for being a solid tattooist.

Joshua specialises in Traditional tattoos. Using bold lines, solid colour and black shading, he recreates classic designs that your grandfathers would’ve chosen.

His work is heavily influenced by British tattooers from the mid 20th century. Artists such as famous Bristol tattoo legends Les Skuse, Danny Skuse and Joseph Hartley.​

Please email Josh to discuss your ideas and to book:

  • Instagram - White Circle
Old school style tattoo of a ship in colour on an arm
Traditional snaker and dagger tattoo
Rock of ages colour tattoo on leg
Fine line scorpian tattoo on arm
Old school crocodile tattoo with vivd colours
Old school pin up tattoo on a mand chest in black ink
Old school panther tattoo on arm
Black and grey rose tattoo
Traditional tattoo of an eagle on an arm
Old school style colour rose tattoo
Colour snake tattoo on leg
Traditional, colour tattoo of a shark
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