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Black & grey Tattoos

Jamie specialises in black and grey tattooing. His main focus is creating realism based designs, taking inspiration from architecture and the macabre, morphing images together to give his tattoos more of a creative and individual feel.

His use of dot work is a great contrast to the solid black work and soft shading.

If you would like to discuss ideas and book an appointment with Jamie, please email him directly :


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Black and grey realism tattoo of a lions head, split with cogs inside
Tattoo of 2 orca whales in black and grey realism
Micro black and grey realism tattoo of a football and trophy
Black and grey butterfly tattoo with a dot work mandala in the background
skull merged with a cathederal tattoo in black and grey on a thigh
Realistic rose tattoo with delicate dotwork around it on a shoulder
Black and grey religious fore arm and hand tattoo
black and grey sunflower tattoo
Realism butterfly tattoo on arm
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